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Business Tax POLICY

sf.citi advocates for informed and common-sense tax policies in San Francisco to ensure we remain a hub of innovation, continue to attract new business, and support companies who have contributed significantly to the City through jobs and other investments. We strongly oppose any legislation or ballot proposals that are punitive or stifling for our industry, particularly as we recover from the pandemic. 

  • As the voice of the tech sector, sf.citi continues to prioritize programming that convenes elected officials, community leaders, and other stakeholders to promote the growth of the tech industry and advocate for reasonable tax policy.
  • sf.citi supports collaborative efforts to propose an equitable, fair, common-sense tax system that benefits the San Francisco business community and City alike.
  • sf.citi opposes any and all tax policies that specifically target or penalize the San Francisco tech industry without efforts to collaborate with the industry itself.
  • sf.citi is in favor of ending one-off taxes and sees this addressed through a healthy and comprehensive tax system that is sustainable and addresses long-term issues that benefit both the community and the City. 
  • sf.citi is strongly opposed to new and arbitrary tax measures, such as a remote work tax—these types of measures will do more harm than good to the City’s economic recovery and its overall relationship with the industry. 
  • sf.citi supports a collective approach to the City’s budget and tax conversations before the introduction of new tax proposals, including financial audits within City departments to ensure all San Francisco taxpayer dollars are efficiently spent on residents and City-sponsored resources.