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sf.citi members,

We have spent countless hours working with each of you on creating and maintaining San Francisco’s position as the world’s capital of innovation. While we can all agree that we are deeply fortunate to live and work in this truly unique slice of the world, exactly how things came to be, and the politics of our beautiful city, can be mystifying to say the least. As your representative and advocate in City Hall, we took it upon ourselves to figure out how to draw back the curtain on San Francisco’s political machinery. After months of careful research, curation, and countless—and I do mean countless—calls to each and every key decision maker in City Hall that you may or may not know of, we have created a comprehensive members’ guide to all things San Francisco politics and government.

In this guide, you will find, among many things: information on how this city runs, how laws are passed, how officials are elected, and how elections are determined. Further, we have developed tools for you to use including a brand new district map, a city organizational chart, and a blissfully-simplified overview of the legislative process.

It is my hope that this guide will be a useful resource and make your job just a little bit easier. With that, I am proud to present to you the preeminent political guide to our city: SF Politics 101 by sf.citi. I look forward to hearing from each of you and continuing to build this beautiful city together.

Jen Stojkovic, Executive Director

Jen Stojkovic, Executive Director

Explore the below sections of SF Politics 101 to guide you through the inner workings of San Francisco’s two branches of government, the legislative process, and local elections. You can also find printable versions of three sf.citi-original resources: a City organization chart, a legislation flowchart, and revamped district maps. While full access to the online version of SF Politics 101 is reserved for sf.citi members, non-members can still get a sampling of what each section has to offer below. And if you like what you see, you can purchase SF Politics 101 in full as a PDF, as well as any of the resources mentioned above on the sf.citi store.