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In San Francisco, the legislative body consists of an eleven-member Board of Supervisors. As the only consolidated city-county in California, the Board of Supervisors has an increased amount of responsibility, acting as both the City Council and County Board of Supervisors. The Board’s mission is to respond to the needs of the people of the City and County of San Francisco, establish city policies, and adopt ordinances and resolutions.

SF Board of Supervisors

For the majority of the San Francisco Board’s history, Supervisors were elected citywide to open seats. However, this process did not lead to equal representation of the City’s constituents and in 1996 voters passed Proposition G to change the election process from citywide to districts. The switch to district elections took effect in the 2000 (odd districts) and 2002 (even districts) elections and continues to this day.

District Map

How are the Supervisorial Districts decided?

Within 60 days following publication of the decennial federal census, the Director of Elections reports to the Board of Supervisors whether it feels the existing districts continue to meet the requirements of federal and state law and the criteria for drawing districts lines set in the Charter.

What happens when the requirements ARE met?

If it is determined that the districts are in compliance with all legal requirements, including the requirement that they are equal in population, the current districts as drawn will be valid for the next decade.

What happens when the requirements are NOT met?

If it is determined that any of the districts are not in compliance, the Board of Supervisors by ordinance convenes and funds a nine-member elections task force. Three members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, three by the Mayor, and three by the Director of Elections – unless an Elections Commission is created in which case the appointments designated to the Director of Elections shall be made by the Elections Commission.

The task force shall complete redrawing district lines before April 15 of the year in which the first election using the redrawn lines will be conducted. The Board of Supervisors may not revise the district boundaries established by the task force.1


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