2022 POLICY AGENDA > Tech Regulation


sf.citi supports a collaborative, multi-sector approach to tech regulation in San Francisco. We are dedicated to maintaining San Francisco’s status as the world’s leading center of innovation by working with the City and other stakeholders to promote regulation that addresses the needs of all San Franciscans while ensuring industry growth and success, especially as tech hubs are increasingly growing outside of the Bay Area. 

  • sf.citi supports City-sponsored efforts that deploy new technologies and encourage further collaboration between the public and private sector to generate reasonable tech regulation for future technologies in San Francisco.
  • sf.citi supports efforts to promote safe and reasonable research and development opportunities for emerging technology in San Francisco.
  • sf.citi supports establishing an economy-wide, uniform policy on data privacy across each level of government that strikes an appropriate balance between privacy and prosperity.
  • sf.citi encourages efforts to modernize labor laws that support the needs of an evolving workforce while maintaining the autonomy and flexibility that come with 21st-century employment. 
  • sf.citi stands for a thoughtful approach to data sharing and collaboration while protecting the proprietary nature of competitive intelligence, ensuring that collaboration doesn’t risk innovation.
  • While sf.citi supports the economic recovery of the small business community, we oppose undue regulation on the free market in the form of commission caps for third-party delivery services and like forms of excessive policy approaches that stifle the business sector.
  • sf.citi opposes efforts that stifle needed innovation and limit the technology sector’s local and global competitiveness through overregulation, such as stripping U.S. companies of their ability to deliver integrated consumer tools and banning mutually-beneficial startup acquisitions.