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Public Safety

sf.citi believes that San Francisco should be a safe and inviting environment for everyone who comes to visit, work, and live. We support efforts and programs that ensure a safe City through modern prevention-based public safety solutions.

  • sf.citi supports the Mayor’s Tenderloin Emergency Initiative, and other safety programs that promote neighborhood cleanliness, community, and collaboration between city departments to tackle San Francisco’s most pressing safety issues.
  • sf.citi recognizes the impact of economic hardship on the City and appreciates efforts by the City to make it more welcoming, for example, the Mayor’s Ambassador Program to ensure workers and those visiting feel safe on our streets.
  • sf.citi supports efforts proposed by City Hall and the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to reimagine policing practices that are rooted in transparency and accountability. We advocate for a harm reduction approach to crime with a particular emphasis on how to best support those experiencing homelessness. 
  • sf.citi believes in community-based investments that connect people to resources, opportunities, and workforce development programming that promotes economic mobility. Attention should be given to programs that support youth and their families, for instance, ​​the Mayor’s Children and Family Recovery Plan, and programs to prevent recidivism by helping returning citizens access the resources they need to successfully reintegrate. 
  • sf.citi supports efforts to end mass incarceration and reform the criminal justice system, while also balancing those efforts with a system that addresses crime when it happens and keeps San Francisco safe.