2022 POLICY AGENDA > Housing and Urban Development

Housing and Urban Development

sf.citi is deeply supportive of the creation of more housing in San Francisco and fostering a more diverse and inclusive city for all residents. We support measures to house all San Franciscans and support pro-growth measures that address the City’s housing shortage and the worsening affordability crisis. 

  • sf.citi supports increasing California’s housing stock and encourages additional construction by funding and streamlining housing development through both local and state-wide policy measures for all income levels. 
  • sf.citi supports adopting dynamic building plans to address our current housing shortage in San Francisco, including but not limited to modular housing, the development of in-law units and ADUs, co-living spaces, tiny homes, and interim supportive housing efforts, amongst other innovative solutions.
  • sf.citi supports efforts that put an end to exclusionary zoning by adding more high-density zoning around jobs, transit centers, and programs to incentivize affordable and family housing in commercial and transit corridors. 
  • sf.citi supports local and state rental subsidies and rent forgiveness programs to help landlords and renters recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.