2022 POLICY AGENDA > Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery

sf.citi supports ongoing economic recovery efforts as the City and state begin to transition into a post-pandemic world. 

  • sf.citi values and promotes community-driven initiatives like BloomSF Avenue Greenlight that advance the economic recovery and community revitalization of San Francisco’s commercial corridors. 
  • sf.citi advocates for programs and solutions to help enliven the downtown core through public art installations, activities, and beautification of our City to ensure it can return to its former vibrancy. 
  • sf.citi supports continued policies and initiatives that provide relief for businesses affected by COVID-19 by passing appropriate fee waivers, allocating new resources, streamlining business permits and processes, and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracies.
  • sf.citi supports and recognizes the continued value of pandemic-related solutions to support businesses and the community, such as Shared Spaces, Slow Streets, and quick build projects. 
  • sf.citi applauds state and Bay Area-wide initiatives that provide dedicated funds to support the economic recovery and revitalization of all sectors that have been hardest hit, with special attention to tourism and transportation.