November 2022 San Francisco Election Resources

The fourth—and arguably most important—San Francisco 2022 election will occur on November 8. As San Francisco lags behind every other major U.S. city in its recovery, San Francisco voters will weigh in on many crucial decisions that could significantly impact the City’s future. There are 14 San Francisco ballot measures, five San Francisco Supervisor seats, and plenty of other local races at stake in the November 2022 election. We hope every San Francisco resident will exercise the full power of their political voice and vote on them all!

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To help you out, has created several November 2022 election resources for San Francisco voters, including our Voter Guide, Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire, and Election Primer. Voter Guide: November 2022 Election in San Francisco

Our November 2022 San Francisco Voter Guide is an staple. As in past election cycles, we offer an easy-to-digest overview of the 14 San Francisco ballot measures and an explanation of where stands on each one. Whether you work for an member company or not, we hope you find our recommendations helpful as you navigate San Francisco’s November 2022 election.

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2022 San Francisco Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire

All five of San Francisco’s even-numbered Supervisor seats are up for election on November 8, 2022. With over 14 candidates running, you will see new faces on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors—one of the City’s most powerful decision-making authorities—in 2023. Learn how the candidates stack up on the most pressing issues facing San Francisco by reviewing our 2022 Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire.


Election Primer: What’s on the November 2022 San Francisco ballot?

With a packed ballot of local races that can have an outsized effect on San Francisco residents’ day-to-day life, takes a deep into three of the most impactful ballot measures this election cycle. Get up to speed on these critical issues by reading our November 2022 Election Primer.