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Meet San Francisco’s 2022 Supervisor Candidates

With all five even-numbered San Francisco Supervisor seats up for election on November 3, 2022, is excited to present the results of our 2022 Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire.

Composed of 11 elected officials representing every corner of San Francisco, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is one of the City’s most powerful decision-making authorities. In partnership with the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors determines the City budget, passes legislation on key issues like housing and homelessness, and sits at the forefront of San Francisco’s COVID-19 response and recovery. Does your San Francisco Supervisor (current or future) advocate for the issues most important to you? Find out by taking a look at our 2022 San Francisco Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire.

Not sure what San Francisco Supervisor District you live in? Find out here.

Click on one of the even-numbered San Francisco districts below to read about and compare the Supervisor candidates running for office.

**A note about our methodology: sent the same questionnaire to all 11 of the registered San Francisco Supervisor candidates. We featured responses from all Supervisor candidates who responded to our survey, as well as noted any incumbent Supervisors who did not respond.