In partnership with the San Francisco Police Foundation,’s Future Grads program brings San Francisco high school students out of the classroom and into company offices to gain hands-on work experience. Over the course of a seven-week paid summer internship, students learn from members of the tech industry, while company employees have the rewarding opportunity to mentor future tech workers. In the summer of 2018, some 60 students prepared for future careers in engineering, IT, marketing, sales, data analysis, and other fast-growing fields. Learn more about the program’s history and impact here.

Future Grads

2018 Partners:

  • AdRoll
  • Architectural Foundation of San Francisco
  • Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco
  • Managed by Q
  • Meadow
  • Techtonica
  • YMCA of SF

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I’m always impressed and amazed with their capability. Most of them have come in and been able to take on tasks that you wouldn’t expect of a high school student. It’s also surprising how much we received on the other end of the learning experience. In the way that we’re trying to open their eyes to potential careers and opportunities in tech, they are opening our eyes to the other side of what are those barriers that are there.
Amy LeBoldAdRoll, Vice President of Human Resources and Recruiting
I already knew I was interested in computer science, but this internship definitely feels like it gives me a better foundation for what working in tech would be like. It makes me more confident.
Melinda2018 Future Grads intern at Techtonica

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