2021 POLICY AGENDA > COVID-19 Economic Recovery

COVID-19 Economic Recovery

sf.citi supports robust economic recovery efforts as the City grapples with the unprecedented COVID-19-induced recession and navigates the effects of the extended state and city-mandated COVID-19 shelter in place protocols.

  • sf.citi supports policies and initiatives that provide relief for businesses affected by COVID-19 closures by passing appropriate fee waivers, allocating emergency resources, streamlining business permits and processes, and eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. 
  • sf.citi supports and recognizes the value of innovative solutions to support businesses and the community, such as Shared Spaces, Slow Streets, and quick build projects. 
  • sf.citi encourages state and Bay Area-wide initiatives that provide dedicated funds to support the economic recovery and revitalization of all sectors impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • sf.citi supports San Francisco’s and California’s blueprint for a safe reopening, both of which are rooted in the latest health data available to ensure the safety of all communities. 
  • sf.citi supports hyper-local economic recovery and revitalization initiatives like Avenue Greenlight, which will provide vital funding to 33 merchants across San Francisco and allow the City’s merchant corridors to rebuild and thrive once again.  
  • sf.citi supports safe, effective, and timely vaccine deployment efforts and leveraging tech products to help streamline the efficacy of both distribution and access for high need communities.