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Business Tax POLICY

business tax policy in San Francisco

Common-sense tax policies in San Francisco that promote innovation and continued job growth—for both the tech industry and beyond—continue to be key to sf.citi’s founding directive. We believe in smart and effective forms of business taxation and will continue to support these models, while strongly opposing any legislative or ballot proposal that is punitive or stifling for our industry.

  • As the voice of the tech sector, sf.citi continues to both convene and participate in collaborative conversations with elected officials, community leaders, and other stakeholders to promote the growth of the tech industry and reasonable tax policy.
  • sf.citi supports collaborative efforts to propose an equitable, fair, common-sense tax system that benefits the San Francisco business community and City alike.
  • sf.citi opposes any and all tax policies that specifically target or penalize the San Francisco tech industry without efforts to collaborate with the industry itself.
  • sf.citi is in favor of ending one-off taxes and sees this mitigated through a healthy and comprehensive tax system that is sustainable and addresses long-term issues that benefit both the community and the City.