City and Federal Partnerships understands that many of our member companies operate well beyond San Francisco City limits. That is why we make sure to connect members with leaders from other tech hubs, both regionally and internationally. And while most of our advocacy is focused locally, supports our members on certain pieces of federal legislation, especially those that affect the tech industry at large.

Mayoral Roundtables

Tech is a global industry, so we don’t just stop at San Francisco. By working collaboratively with regions across the country, brings you intimate relationship-building opportunities with government and tech leaders from top U.S. cities. These exclusive opportunities provide member companies with a chance to speak directly to decision makers in key cities, helping you expand into new markets and grow your company. has hosted roundtables with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, among others. This new area of programming will continue to expand.

International Delegations

In September 2017, was invited to serve as the tech industry representative on an official trip to the San Francisco sister city of Kiel, Germany. As San Franciscoʼs tech representative, worked to build international collaboration with the emerging German tech market, and strengthened ties for many member companies currently working in Europe and Germany.’s Executive Director, Jennifer Stojkovic, spoke on a panel of city leaders from across the globe about building smart cities during the Digital Kiel Week conference. Back in San Francisco, regularly hosts visiting delegations looking to learn more about Silicon Valley’s tech and startup ecosystem.

Federal Partnerships

In 2017, concerning announcements from the Trump Administration prompted immense action from many in the tech industry, including as it pertains to our member company interests in San Francisco. supported the industry on several matters of federal jurisdiction, voicing strong opposition to the 2017 immigration ban and Net Neutrality repeal.

No to Immigration Bans

After Trump issued his Travel Ban – Executive Order 13780, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States – collaborated with partner organizations, and the ACLU, and issued a statement on behalf of our Board of Directors opposing this Trump policy that would be so divisive and prevent many from excelling in our industry.

Yes to Net Neutrality

Another focus of sf.citiʼs federal work targeted the proposed repeals to the FCCʼs Obama-era regulations regarding net neutrality. As a collaborative organization representing all facets of the tech industry, partnered with the Net Neutrality Day of Action organizers, and issued a statement on protecting net neutrality on behalf of our Board of Directors.