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Homelessness and Safety

Dolores Park

As a San Francisco-based organization, sf.citi supports efforts that address and aim to eliminate homelessness – a crisis that affects all San Franciscans and visitors alike.

  • sf.citi believes in the right to shelter for all San Franciscans and those experiencing homelessness through new shelters, step-housing units, homeless housing units, and housing subsidies
  • sf.citi supports creative approaches by the city and its partners in how they handle the wide variety of issues experienced by those living on the streets, including but not limited to safe injection sites, expanding conservatorship laws, and the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing’s Online Navigation and Entry (ONE) system
  • sf.citi supports Mayor Breed’s agenda on homelessness to ensure the City has the resources and effective policies in place to house and provide services to all San Francisco residents in need
  • sf.citi supports proposals to direct a significant portion of the city’s $181 million windfall towards addressing San Francisco’s homelessness crisis – the city’s most pressing issue – by investing in programs aimed at reducing homelessness and creating more affordable housing