sf.citi is San Francisco’s tech trade association developed to empower the San Francisco technology community to have a voice in local tech policy decisions and collaborate with leaders in government on solving local issues. Founded in 2012, we are committed to building cross-sector conversation between the City’s tech, nonprofit, and political communities. We drive innovative policy solutions and develop social impact partnerships to address longstanding issues facing San Francisco.

Reflective of sf.citi’s mission and work, our growing community includes Bay Area government officials, tech leaders and employees, venture capitalists, nonprofit organizations, and more.


sf.citi sponsorships are a great way to amplify your social impact work in front of a powerful audience of government, tech, and nonprofit leaders. Seize this opportunity to show the San Francisco Bay Area how you’re supporting your community. Whether you’re looking to expand your audience and raise awareness about your community-conscious brand, sf.citi can help share your message with thousands of tech professionals, policy leaders, and influencers.

By sponsoring the sf.citi Community Update newsletter, you gain the following benefits:

  • Brand visibility with tech, policy, and nonprofit leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
  • Brand credibility among some of the most influential tech and social impact leaders
  • Potential business development opportunities


  • 10,000+ newsletter subscribers
    • 19% open rate
    • 7% click rate
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sf.citi Tech Community Update
Every week, sf.citi sends out a community update from the San Francisco tech industry. Our community updates are short, sweet, and informative. They include a brief overview of community-minded initiatives from Bay Area tech companies, highlight local nonprofits, and detail the latest policy news from the City of San Francisco and the State of California. See past sf.citi community updates here.

You are invited to sponsor the “Spotlight Impact Story” section of our Community Update. We’ll include your company logo, custom advertisement copy, and a unique URL that directs readers to your website (see below for specifications).

Price to sponsor an sf.citi community update: $500


sf.citi newsletter sponsorships appear in the “Spotlight Impact Story” section of the weekly sf.citi Community Update newsletter. To advertise with sf.citi, please include the following:

  • 500 x 500 px logo, preferably white, that is visible on a blue background and sent as either a png or svg file
  • 50 words or less of copy highlighting a community engagement program or social impact initiative spearheaded by your company*
  • A customized URL linking to your company’s initiative or program

*Please Note: sf.citi reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for companies or initiatives that do not align with our brand and mission.

For further inquiries about sf.citi sponsorship offerings, please contact info@sfciti.org.

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