San Francisco Forward: District Debate Series

Join for our 2020 San Francisco District Debate Series. In the months leading up to the November 3, 2020 election, will be talking to some of the candidates running to represent San Francisco’s odd-numbered Supervisor districts. Tune in to our virtual debates to hear Supervisor candidates for Districts 1 and 7.


The November 2020 election is likely to usher in a wave of new leadership on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. With all six odd-numbered Supervisor seats up for election, you will see lots of fresh faces competing for your support and a spot in City Hall. Because COVID-19 continues to spread in San Francisco, many of the 2020 San Francisco Supervisor candidates will have to campaign online.

To help you learn about some of the candidates vying to shape the future of our City, is hosting virtual debates for San Francisco’s most competitive district races. Register below for our virtual debates with Supervisor candidates from Districts 1 and 7.



San Francisco Forward: District 1 Debate

The District 1 race is one of San Francisco’s most competitive district races of the November 2020 election. With incumbent District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer vacating her seat, many candidates are eager to take her place. Who will win the support of residents in District 1, home to the Richmond, most of Golden Gate Park, and the University of San Francisco?

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San Francisco Forward: District 7 Debate

True to its name, District 7 has seven candidates competing to represent this Southwestern corner of San Francisco. Whoever wins will replace current District 7 Supervisor and Board President Norman Yee. It’s a packed field made up of City Hall veterans, journalists, attorneys, and everything in between.