2022 San Francisco Supervisor Candidates from District 2


District 2


Catherine Stefani*


Enact a moratorium on business taxes as SF recovers from the pandemic

Implement tax breaks or other tax incentives to attract companies to downtown SF

Impose a tax on remote workers to bring employees back to the office


Upzone around transit and commercial corridors to increase density in SF

Endorse a sweeping expansion of rent control in SF such as through newly built units


Open a safe consumption site in SF to address the opioid crisis

Launch a guaranteed income program in SF to support people experiencing homelessness


Encourage more pedestrian-focused projects like car-free JFK Drive and restaurant parklets


Offer signing bonuses and other incentives to increase police staffing levels

Allow police officers to access real-time private security cameras


Catherine Stefani

The well-documented San Francisco tech exodus continues to persist with no end in sight. To counteract this trend, how would you incentivize current San Francisco tech companies to stay or expand in the City, and how would you attract non-San Francisco tech companies to move to the City?

We need to prioritize housing, public safety and transportation. Workers need more housing options, downtown streets they feel comfortable walking down and safe and reliable transportation options. We need to do more to make it easier for our local businesses to reopen while creating an environment that working people want to return to.

Name two concrete actions the City should take to ensure that San Francisco maintains its title as the world's tech capital.

Per my answer above: Build more housing and improve public safety (hiring more officers).

Of the 25 largest cities in the U.S., San Francisco has the highest property crime rate in four of the most recent years. What policies or other approaches would you support to curb the City’s staggering property crime rate?

At the current staffing levels - our officers can barely respond to the volume of calls they receive. We also have to be creative about how we apply our police officers to mental health and homelessness driven situations. We don’t need armed officers responding in those instances, more often than not.

With a significant portion of San Francisco’s budget relying on tax revenue from employees working downtown and healthy tourism and convention numbers, are you concerned about the City’s ability to balance future budgets? If so, how would you address this potential budget shortfall?

Though having downtown be a ghost town will have budget implications - I’m more concerned about the impact it will have on our small businesses and crime. We need people to return to the downtown and we need to support our small businesses that serve those working people.

What is one significant action you would take to address homelessness in the City?

We need to start with housing. Before serving on the Board of Supervisors, I did not fully appreciate the immensity of the roadblocks that stand in the way of building all forms of housing - let alone those created by politicians that would rather posture than break ground. We need to build all forms of housing and we need it now.

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