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Digital Equity and Workforce Development

digital equity and workforce development opportunities in San Francisco

sf.citi firmly believes that all San Franciscans should have full and equal access to technology and workforce development opportunities to participate in the digital economy. We strive to build productive public-private partnerships with the City and nonprofit community to help San Francisco reach its goal of eliminating the digital divide. sf.citi also supports all facets of workforce development within the tech industry and encourages pathways to connect disenfranchised communities to the many opportunities within the tech sector in San Francisco.

  • sf.citi supports proactive initiatives that allow for advancement in tech-related opportunities within SFUSD classrooms, programs, and overall schooling experience, such as  SFUSD’s Computer Science for All initiative and participation in career development programs outside of the classroom such as the Mayor Breed’s Opportunities for All initiative.
  • sf.citi supports efforts to increase workforce development pathways into the tech industry for all residents after high school—from recent high school graduates to those making a mid-career switch—by building skills applicable to careers in tech through fellowships, apprenticeships, and job programs/initiatives made available by member companies both internally and in partnership with local nonprofits and City programs, such as Tech SF.
  • sf.citi supports efforts to invest in underserved communities through coalition building between private stakeholders, businesses, nonprofits, and community organizations, such as The Partnership for HOPE SF and other public/private collaborations that bridge communities of concern and the tech industry.
  • sf.citi encourages efforts to combat the digital divide, including but not limited to reducing the barrier for traditionally underrepresented communities and seniors in accessing, engaging with, and understanding modern technology.
  • sf.citi supports initiatives that empower the local small business community and promote the economic vitality and diversity of the City as a whole.